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Cards for Humanity

An authentic relating game.

Do you want better, higher quality bonds with your family members, friends, and co-workers?

Meaningful Relationships!

Most people agree that a quality, happy life is defined by having meaningful, close relationships. This game offers you an easy and fun way to form closer bonds with your loved ones, and to truly understand people you may have just met. You will instantly become closer to all of the other players, and share in a memorable bonding experience... guaranteed!

Scientifically Proven!

Cards for Humanity is a simple, easy-to-play card game that encourages players to honestly relate to each other through a series of questions. Players "win" by opening up and giving honest answers that reveal who they truly are - their opinions, dreams, experiences, and ideas. The questions in this game are scientifically proven to form closer, more meaningful relationships. And meaningful relationships are the key to a happy, healthy life!

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"What a refreshing game! The well-crafted questions and honest answers brought me closer to my friends and husband and made for a memorable evening. This is a great game to keep on your coffee table!"

- Wendy

What people are saying:

"A challenging and introspective game to be enjoyed with friends. I can't wait for the release!"  - Benjamin

"This game restores the long-lost art of great conversation. I gained insight, understanding, appreciation, and respect for all the people I played with." 

- Shane

"Playing this gave me a sense of emotional release and freedom. It felt great to share and be heard, in a fun, light-hearted game environment. I will definitely play again!

- Gloria


I want improved relationships!

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